LTMedia and CAFL Featured on China’s GBTimes

LTmedia has been the creative media, TV and content production arm of AFL Global, and the CAFL (China Arena Football League) since Marty Judge began to make his dream of American-style football in China a reality in 2012.

You can see some examples of our work together here on the LTmedia website, with much more to be seen at

As we head towards the kickoff of China’s first ever pro football league, the work continues to develop local talent from the Chinese Sports University system. Our second annual CAFL College Tournament will be held in Wuhan in November of this year, and interest continues to grow in Chinese, US and international media.

LTmedia founder Lou Tilley and the CAFL were featured in a news feature recently in GBTimes. The online version also linked to one of LTmedia’s video timeline productions. You can read the story and view the content here: GBTimes: American football to kickoff in China

plt10LTMedia and CAFL Featured on China’s GBTimes